TETRA PEI interface for WTC676

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PEI676SER - Your connection to LARDIS

PEI adapter for WTC676 [600076] provides the possibility to connecct your MTP850 directly with LARDIS . LARDIS simplifies your daily routine among others through easy group changes, status handling and radio records (more Information at
With this interface to WTC676 you can use all functions of LARDIS directly in your vehicle. Just connect the PEI interface with WTC676, as well as with the LARDIS display (with an connecting cable) and set your MOTOROLA MTP850 in the in-vehicular charger. The radio will recognize automatically.


In contrast to PEI676SER PEI676USB is usable to connect WTC676 to a PC. With this connection it is possible to programm MOTOROLA MTP850 directly in in-vehicular charger WTC676.

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